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The Law Office of Steven C. Kletzkin, PLLC takes pride in recovering the maximum compensation possible for your losses.  Although each case is unique, we treat every case with the same amount of attention and professionalism.


Personal Injury 

Wrongful Death                               Delaware                                    $1,425,000     


Nursing Negligence                        Westchester County, NY    Confidential Settlement


Medical Malpractice                      Queens County, NY               $490,000


Motor Vehicle                                    Queens County, NY               Policy Limits


Nursing Negligence                        Bronx County, NY                 $240,000


Nursing Negligence                        Bronx County, NY                 $210,000


Motor Vehicle                                    New York County, NY          Confidential Settlement


Nursing Negligence                        Westchester County, NY    Confidential Settlement.

Motor Vehicle                                    Broward County, Fl.             $200,000


Motor Vehicle                                    Palm Beach County, Fl.        $175,000


Motor Vehicle                                    Suffolk County, NY               $160,000


Premises Liability                              PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL      $150,000


Negligent Supervision                   Kings County, NY                   Confidential Settlement


Negligent Security                         Queens County, NY                $150,000


Motor Vehicle                                    Suffolk County, NY              $150,000

Labor Law                                              Bronx County                        $140,000


Medical Malpractice                      PALM BEACH COUNTY           $135,000        


Nursing Negligence                        Queens County, NY               $115,000


Premises LiAbility                              DADE COUNTY, FL                   $100,000

Nursing Negligence                        Kings County, NY                  $100,000


Motor Vehicle                                    Suffolk County, NY              $  97,500


Motor Vehicle                                    PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL      Confidential Settlement


Motor Vehicle                                    Queens County, NY               $  87,500

Nursing Negligence                        Suffolk County, NY              $ 80,000




Hurricane Irma Claim                    Palm Beach County, FL        $275,000

The Insurance carrier offered under $20,000 to repair the property post-Hurricane Irma  Within two weeks of submitting a counter estimate, SCKPLLC'S demand to settle for $275,000 was accepted.

Water Damage/ rental income   Dade County, FL                     $161,000

loss of electric to an Estate rental property in coconut Grove caused extensive damage to floors, walls and custom kitchen, A major Insurance carrier offered $16,000 as a total value for the loss and denied rental reimbursement prior to  Steven C. Kletzkin, PLLC demanding full compensation for its client.

Hurricane Michael Claim             Bay County, FL                        $140,000

a Major insurance carrier paid under $10,000 on public adjusters $115,000 estimate for catastrophic hurricane damage.  Upon filing a Civil Remedy Notice and invoking appraisal, Steven C. Kletzkin, PLLC negotiated to have the insurance carrier pay an additional $25,000 beyond full value to settle the claim and waive the right to seek punitive damages.  


Water Damage Claim                        Palm Beach County, FL        $120,000

The insurance carrier denied two of three (unrelated) claims filed by an insured using the same date of loss.  The settlement offer was less than $15,000 in total money.   The carrier accepted all three claims and our demand within 60 days from submitting bad faith notice of insurer violation and within four months from the date the losses were reported.

Hurricane Irma Claim                     Palm Beach County, FL       $115,000

The insurance carrier responded to the insured's proof of loss by offering less than the hurricane deductible.   Prior to setting the matter for trial, the insured accepted sckpllc's negotiated offer to settle the claim. 

Water Damage Claim                        St. Lucie County, FL               $124,000

The kitchen (refrigerator) water supply line failed and caused extensive damage throughout the home, including damaging hardwood flooring in adjacent rooms and plaster walls.  Full value for the loss was recovered on behalf of the insured within 60 days

Hurricane Irma Claim                     Palm Beach County, FL        $105,000

A major insurance carrier denied a meritorious hurricane claim which caused extensive damage to the home, including the interior of the property. the carrier alleged that the repair costs were less than the hurricane deductible and within 75 days of SCKPLLC being retained paid an additional $100,000 to settle the claim.


Hurricane Irma Claim                     Palm Beach County, FL       $100,000

Insured's carrier responded to their public adjuster's $88,000 proof of loss by offering no payment after applying the hurricane deductible.   within 60 days of being retained, the carrier accepted full coverage and paid out in excess of $100,000 to settle the claim. 


Hurricane Irma Claim                     Broward County, FL            $  90,000

Despite months of negotiation with the insured's public adjuster, major insurance carrier denied coverage for the loss.  Within 60 days of appearing, coverage was afforded and SCKPLLC'S demand to settle was accepted.

Hurricane Irma Claim                     St. Lucie County, FL              confidential settlement

A major Insurance carrier refused to make payment to the insured's public adjuster after investigating their claim.  within 90 days of sckpllc's  representation, full coverage was accepted and payment in excess of 30%  of the proof of loss was paid to settle the claim


***Every case is different and that any testimonials, endorsements or results referenced in this material and website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any particular legal matter.