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Why are People with Dark Skin More Likely to Burn During Laser Hair Removal?

  The reason why people with dark skin, or ethnic skin, are more likely to sustain a burn during a laser hair procedure is because the skin itself has a higher content of melanin. Selective photo thermolysis describes the manner in which the laser works. Photo being light, and thermo being heat, describes how the laser works. Selective in this case means that the laser is trying to focus on the hair itself, so that the light beam, which focuses on the hair which has more melanin will travel through the hair shaft, and into the follicle itself.
                    If there's more melanin in the skin surrounding the hair, the laser is more likely to get absorbed into the skin, whereby causing a burn. If you believe you may have been injured as a result of a laser hair procedure, you should contact an attorney who's qualified to represent you in that type of a claim.