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Can the Risk of a Laser Burn Injury be Reduced?

The risk of a laser burn injury can be greatly reduced by preparation, education, and evaluation. Preparation in the patient, there are steps that the patient, or the individual who's going to undergo the procedure can take before they present to make sure that they put themselves in the position to greatly prevent the possibility of a burn injury. Education both of the patient as well as of the individual providing the treatment is of utmost importance. Training of the practitioner on how to use the laser as well as how to evaluate the skin. From a standpoint of the individual presenting for the procedure, I think, they need to be informed. They need to be informed of the risks of the procedure, as well as clearly the benefits. Evaluation is of great importance. Everybody's skin tone fits into one of six different categories, and the higher the number that's assigned to your skin type the more of a likelihood you are to sustain a burn. 
                    If you believe you've been injured as a result of a laser hair treatment procedure you should contact a personal injury attorney who can answer your questions.